JV Guide - TurtleTruck's Guide To Johnson Valley California

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Johnson Valley Guide - TurtleTruck's Guide To Johnson Valley California
Our good friend Mark Matthews, known on Pirate 4x4 and elsewhere as "TurtleTruck", created this beautiful map of the Johnson Valley area and we are proud to host it for him through our system so that you may be able to use it effectively in the area.  He's spent a tremendous amount of time in the area and he's sharing his vast knowledge with all of us now through this map and the text that it contains at the bottom.  Loads of useful and interesting information is all at the bottom in a block of text.  This is way more than just a map! 
See how it works to turn your smartphone or tablet into a handheld GPS device using the free Avenza Maps app.
This map covers the entire Johnson Valley OHV Area and beyond.
The map is based upon actual GPS tracks featuring a beautiful shaded relief topographic basemap.
As with all CartoTracks maps, once downloaded, A blue dot shows your location on the map even without cell signal
Record tracks, drop waypoints, navagate, draw and measure
It features:
The Hammer Trails, Fry Mountain Trails, Cougar Buttes Trails
Loop Trips and the best tracks to travel between areas
Borders / Main Areas / Access Roads / Camping Areas
Easy / Moderate / Difficult Off Road Trails
Points of Interest / Rock Trail Difficulty Chart
Highway 247 Mileage Chart and Turnouts / How to Get There
Points of Interest and Tracks outside of the OHV Area 
Plus the locations of the nearest:
Gas Stations / RV Dump and Fill / Propane
Markets / Auto Parts / Hardware Stores / Hospitals

Vital information PLEASE READ:

Please consider downloading course maps of King of the Hammers races if you plan to utilize this JV Guide map while in JV during a race.  DO NOT GET ON COURSE or near it while races are underway.  This map does not show courses so be sure you educate yourself with proper maps and information during race week.

Download this map before losing signal!  It will work after losing signal as long as you have it downloaded!

REMEMBER: if you have any issues getting the e-mail: remember to check your spam folder and if still nothing, login to our site and find the "My Account" link and then "Files" tab.  Links to COPY and PASTE into the app can be found there.

***This map is NOT intended for print!  For download to Android and iOS MOBILE devices only!***

***This map is copyrighted by Mark Matthews "TurtleTruck" and may not be reproduced in ANY manner.***  


Image credit: Screen shot of Mark from the short film series "Origins" about King of the Hammers by HeavyMetalConcepts



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